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More focus on training, development and culture. SSA takes HR in house!

New to Stan Sherlock: HR Department

A few months ago we decided it was time to bring HR into the business. As we grow, and are therefore inevitably exposed to a wider variety of people with different backgrounds, expectations and development needs, it made sense to bring an HR manager on board to provide further support for the team.

Step forward Rachel Smithson, no doubt the best HR manager in the world! Rachel joins SSA with more than 13 years experience in human resources. She has extensive knowledge of talent management, team development and upskilling, alongside top-level strategic planning. She has worked with an array of teams in high profile industrial sectors such as nuclear and transport.

Our Director Emma Sherlock says: “I am absolutely thrilled to have Rachel joining the team. I’ve been searching for the right HR person to help take us forward with our growth plans for quite a while. Rachel’s experience combined with her drive and fantastic personality make her the perfect fit. HR is such an important part of any business and to have someone in-house for the team is brilliant. With her focusing on our SSA family, the directors can now focus on growing our business, knowing the team’s needs are being taken care of”.

Rachel says: “I was looking for my next opportunity when I found out that Stan Sherlock Associates were looking to move their previously outsourced HR provision in house, as their team continues to grow. Emma and Bobby have a great vision for their business, and they know that their people are right at the heart of driving this vision forward. Their commitment to investing in their people is fantastic and I’m so excited to be on this journey with them helping them and their employees achieve their goals!”

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