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Financial Planning

At Stan Sherlock Associates we believe sensible financial advice can benefit everyone – whatever your stage of life. Our qualified and informed financial planning advisers, based in Carlisle, offer wealth management, retirement and pension planning advice across Cumbria, the Borders and beyond.

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Financial Planning

Whether you’re buying your first home, becoming a parent, investing for the future, or approaching retirement, a carefully thought-out financial plan can help you achieve your goals and bring peace of mind.

Our financial planning service and wealth management advice is always tailored to your personal circumstances. We take a holistic approach to understanding your lifestyle and what’s important to you and your family to ensure we recommend the products and services to get you where you need to be.

Sensible financial advice should be sought throughout your life as you reach different milestones and key stages. Even a seemingly straight forward financial goal can involve multiple decisions and a huge choice of products or services and we’ll make recommendations only after we fully understand your financial needs and future plans. 

Whether finding a suitable mortgage, protecting those closest to you, investing your money for the future or deciding on the right way to take your pension, we can help you make the most appropriate financial decisions.

Financial planning for life

You may be focused on developing your career and building your personal relationships and at this stage in your life your financial needs may be quite straight forward. You might require income protection if you're working, an inflation-beating savings plan or tax-efficient investment plan if you're starting to think about home ownership, or perhaps protection insurance to cover you financially in the event of an accident or serious illness.

If you meet someone and start a family, or have other people who rely on your income, then the need for protection insurance becomes more pressing, and this becomes a necessity if you take out a mortgage to buy your first home.

Managing your money is also essential. Sooner or later, most of us will have to start thinking about providing for our future (and that of our family), as well as our current needs during our working lives. This means building up financial assets from which we can draw an income when we eventually stop working. Setting clear investment goals, and monitoring progress towards these goals, is essential in this stage of our lives.

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Why work with us?

Our expert financial and wealth management advisers will invest time in building a strong, long term relationship with you, paying careful attention to your changing needs and circumstances, to provide you with a financial advice service throughout your lifetime.

Although based in Carlisle, our clients come from much further afield. We regularly work with clients from across Cumbria (including Kendal, Keswick, Penrith, Whitehaven and everywhere in between), the Scottish Borders, and North East England. Many of our advice services can be provided by phone and email but our mortgage advisers are always happy to meet you face to face.