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Behind every successful adviser is ….

For us the answer to this is… a fantastic business support team! Every adviser we’ve had work with us, since we were founded in 1989, has been a success. This is no coincidence. Yes we’d like to take credit for talent spotting but really it’s the graft that goes on behind the scenes that ensures our advisers and therefore our clients are successful! At Stan Sherlock Associates we understand the importance of a strong business support team and invest in our team and processes to ensure our client experience is as stress free as possible and ultimately ends in client success. That’s why every adviser gets full administration support and every one of our business support team warriors is integral to client success. It makes sense that many hands make light work! This includes your finances! Your adviser will meet you, get to know you, your family and your financial goals or ambitions. They will build a bespoke solution for you, with your needs at the heart of it and then… when the going gets tough and lenders or providers require chasing or solicitors need updating, or documents needs filing safely or you have questions about the system… the Business Support Team takes action! The work that goes on behind the scenes to get you your home, or the perfect pension plan can be hours and hours. Hours of research and advice from your adviser and then hours of compliance, chasing and maintaining professional relationships with our contacts from our business support team. We love it! We know that every step of the way, every minute on hold, every contact we chase on your behalf makes your life easier and takes that extra bit of life admin off your desk. Our advisers and their relationship with you is at the core of what we do but never underestimate the power of a fantastic business support team. Just like ours!
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