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3 tips to help you work out if your adviser is REALLY doing a good job for you.

The world of finance can be a puzzling place. Numbers mixed with words mixed with acronyms. It can be hard to decipher, harder still to know what’s best and even harder to know if the adviser you have chosen is REALLY doing a good job for you!

We have pulled together 3 tips for you to consider when choosing who to trust with your money and your plans.

1. How many lenders does your adviser use?

This is an indication of whether or not your adviser is really doing their research. Lots of advisers claim to have access to “100% of the market” or “90% of the market” but how many lenders do they actually use? What you need to know is not how many are available to them but how many they place business with.

In the last 2 years our advisers at SSA have placed business with more than 45 lenders. We don’t have 3 or 4 favourites that we go to every time, we do our research and ensure all your options are explored, so you get the right deal for you.

It’s important to look beyond the headline figure. Our advice is not based on just rates; we find the right deal for you with a clear understanding of your family and your financial goals. Your mortgage deal is truly bespoke when you come to us.

2. Is your adviser listening?

Some advisers have nasty habits of encouraging their clients to believe that only 2 year fixed rate deals are the right way forward, or 5 year fixed deals suit everyone. But have you explained your plans and have they listened? Have they asked you about when or if you might want to move? Have they considered your goals to be mortgage free? Have they asked you if you have plans to expand your family? Your plans and your goals should be at the centre of the advice you are given. Your adviser should be listening, ensuring you are prepared and in control, with no unexpected tie ins.

3. Has your adviser considered your plans for retirement?

Have you discussed your long-term financial plans with your adviser? Even if you are dealing with a mortgage adviser rather than a financial adviser – have they considered how your retirement plans may be affected by your mortgage payments? Have you borrowed over 25 years or 35 years? Have you been offered advice about pension planning and investments? If not why not?

At SSA we look after all the moving parts of your finances. We give full holistic advice considering all the angles of your financial life and journey. If you would like our help getting your finances in order, or just to check you are on a good deal, please get in touch with us for a free consultation.


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